In 2018-2019, I plan to teach the newly-created Philosophy 366: African, Latin American, and Native American Philosophy.  

Past Courses

In Fall 2016, I taught two courses: Philosophy 103: Introduction to Philosophy and Philosophy 371: Death and Dying.  

In Fall 2015, I taught two courses at the University of Pennsylvania: Phil 77: Philosophy of Law and Phil 576: Expertise: Its Nature and Uses.

In Fall 2013, I taught Phil 577: Epistemology and Democracy at the University of Pennsylvania.

In Fall 2012, I taught Phil 77: Philosophy of Law at the University of Pennsylvania.

I have previously taught in a number of different educational settings.

In Spring 2012, I taught a course entitled "The Good Lawyer: Philosophical Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility" at NYU School of Law.  Here is the syllabus for that course. 

I taught three undergraduate philosophy courses at NYU: Philosophy of Law, Life and Death, and Ethics and Society.  

I have also taught in a number of different correctional facilities, including the Suffolk County House of Correction, Bayview Correctional Facility, and Rikers Island.  

I had a long-standing involvement with two programs at NYU School of Law that are designed to get JD students thinking about and writing legal scholarship.  I spent three summers leading the NYU Law Summer Research Assistant Program, coordinating workshops, discussing legal scholarship, and discussing topic proposals from JD students who are working as research assistants over the summer.  And I participated in and served as coordinator for the NYU Law Furman Academic Program workshops for several years.